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Song Review: PARTYNEXTDOOR – “Believe It” (Ft. Rihanna)



“Believe It” single

This week, PARTYNEXTDOOR made his grand return with PARTYMOBILE, his first project since 2017.

On this record we not only heard PARTYNEXTDOOR for the first time in 3
years, but we were gifted a choice guest feature from the recently
musically elusive Rihanna on the record, “Believe It”. At first glance, we
only got finger-food from Rihanna, when we were really looking for a whole meal. She only says a total of 5 words on the record, and this left her
fans wanting more, seeing as though we haven’t heard her on a song since
2017. Initially, this was a bit disappointing, especially with Party giving
so much of his writing to Rihanna, with hits like “Work,” “Wild Thoughts”
and “Sex With Me” for Rihanna to only contribute such a light offering.
But, if you look at the song’s construction, and what was really needed,
this was an overall success.

Party had been working on this record for some time, and adding Rihanna was a last minute addition. Actually according to Bizness Boi, one of the
producers of the record, Rihanna’s vocals didn’t come in till the Monday of
the album release. So, for such a short span of time for creating this
record, Rihanna and Party still came together for something that reflected
the collaborative chemistry they have. Though she didn’t contribute much,
it adds an essence to the album that might have been missing. The album
mostly consists of deep-cuts, it’s an intimate reflection into Party’s last
few years, and this song brings the pop sound and charting abilities the
album needed.

As for the actual song, even though it’s a tad underwhelming because of the
expectations from both their fans, it’s still a hit that you will most
likely see chart highly, something that other PARTYNEXTDOOR singles have
not had the greatest success doing. All in all, it’s still a fantastic song
from two artists that rarely miss, especially when they are together.