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Remembering Raja Rose & His Team



Remembering Raja Rose

Raja Rose was a ball of light at many industry events that represented culture togetherness through his style of music. Raja’s hardworking can-do persona left a memorable impression on his team and even music industry maven “FunkFlex”.

On March 8th, 2020, Raja Rose’s family and friends gathered to celebrate his music career, his fashion sense, and his bubbly comedic personality. This event was curated by Multi Artistry Ent at the 48 Lounge NYC hosted by Adavie G and Avery “Msartistry”, live performances by Rhea Raj, Young Paris, and speeches from Zana Ray, Avery “Msartistry”, Dally Perez, Twin, Prez, Hala Maroc, his lovely wife, and his sisters.

With Raja Rose passing this was very unexpected for all of his family, friends and his new extended music family. Multi Artistry Ent CEO Avery “MsArtistry” had the pleasure of working with Raja on his many released tracks and secured him various red carpets before 2020. Avery “Msartistry is most prominent for her work with Bad Boy Ent, Ruff Ryder’s, Raja, Andrea-Rachel Parker, and PR liaisons on red carpets such as Rolling Loud Pre-Roll, and Tyler Perry’s Grand Opening. She had great memorable experiences while pushing Raja’s career to the max as his publicist and manager.

Raja Rose stated in his previous interview with “Brown Girl Magazine”, “I come from a very strict Hindu family, so growing up to be a musician wasn’t a part of my future or my parent’s view for my career. I grew up with two disabilities ADD and ADHD, which caused me to feel like an outsider.  My parents made education a top priority so that made the pressure unbearable. I was expelled from high school due to cutting class and behavioral issues. I later finished his academic classes at a military school”. I was signed to a modeling agency, and that’s when I was first exposed to the entertainment industry and the fashion industry. Born and raised in New York City, the heart of hip-hop, has changed my perspective on sounds and that’s why you can tell I’ll have pop-dance where I’m singing and I’ll have hip-hop/r&b records as well.

“I want to leave you all with one message, don’t listen to all the haters and keep following your dreams. There’s always gonna be people out there trying to break you down especially if you are different.” Raja Rose

Avery “Msartistry” states “Artists must know that your career is a journey so enjoy each moment. Self -empower yourself to smell your own roses and appreciate even the small accomplishments you achieve”.

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