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GOOD INTENTIONS x RON-E: A Seven-Track Serenade For Ladies Who Desire Intentional Love.



MusicXclusives Featured Artist Spotlight.
Photographer: Leo Lysius
Stylist: Marc Marell

Many women in today’s society would claim that chivalry is dead, but recently Ron-E released a fearless yet fervent body of work that expresses a deep desire to maintain his Good Intentions. However, a go-getter for authentic love isn’t the only thing that the Long Island native is adamant about. Not too long ago, the singer sat down for a featured artist special with MusicXclusives On-Air Correspondent Silva. During the interview, it was revealed that the entire project was recorded in just a month.

Ron-E with MusicXclusives On-Air Correspondent Silva.

On the opening track of the EP, Ron-E makes it very clear that he will conquer every endeavor he sets his mind to, on the up-tempo song ‘Day Dream’. While being interviewed by Silva, he admitted to having writer’s block during the creation process of ‘Day Dream’.

Silva: “So are you the type of person, that puts yourself in a situation just so you can be heard, so you can put it in a song?”

Ron-E: “I aint gon’ lie, you wanna’ to know something crazy? “

Silva: Yes!

Ron-E: “I was tryna’ write a song right? And I’m like, yo maybe I gotta’ go to the club or something and just see you know go get some inspiration or something or whatever. That does happen you know what I mean? You get writers block and sometimes you gotta go find the inspiration. So I went out you know what I’m saying, and it was a group of girls I was just dealing with them you know, vibing… and I found my inspiration.”

Silva with Ron-E on his song ‘Day Dream’ from the EP Good Intentions.

The vibe of the album took a different turn when the bass line hit for the first single on the project ‘Anywhere’, a definite nostalgic nod to 90’s R&B sensation, 112. Ron-E says that he knew this one would be the hit, after explaining to MusicXclusives that he recorded the trap-infused record in just 15 minutes. “When I recorded it I was like, this is it, I ain’t gon’ lie this is it. When heard it, I was like, this is that feel”.

MusicXclusives Featured Artist Spotlight .
Photographer: Leo Lysius
Stylist: Marc Marell

‘Next To You’ is a bright pop-flavored addition to the EP that boldly says to his leading lady, that there is no place he’d rather be than by her side, while ‘Voice Note 52’ smooths out the vibe with a seductive flow. ‘Just Let Me Know’, a self-proclaimed favorite amongst the artist’s entire project, and once you take a listen, you will truly understand why. This song speaks volumes to his perception of dedication, desire, love, and loyalty. Following the heartfelt confession, ‘Stay The Night’ brings all the “feels” sending our minds down memory lane when we once desired nothing more than a night lying right beside the one who brings you joy, happiness, and contentment. Last but not least, Ron-E wraps up this journey through song with ‘Good Intentions (Outro)’ promising that his intentions are good for you by delivering one of the most heartfelt and thought-provoking verses I’ve heard in a long time.

” Yeah I know you need attention, protect your name if it gets mentioned, look you in your eyes when you start venting, wanna feel pain while I listen.”

Ron-E x Good Intentions (Outro)

Overall Good Intentions is bringing a new wave to break the boundaries of traditional rhythm and blues music. Combining the elements of R&B Classics, Pop Music and Trap, Ron-E has brought forth an element of vulnerability in love and relationships that we have not heard on the airwaves for quite some time. Much success to the duration of this era, as we patiently await Good Intentions Volume 2, a follow up to his recent release, exclusively promoted during his interview with MusicXclusives that is soon to come.

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