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THE WAIT IS OVER! Tréi Stella Ressurects Rhythm & Blues.



Sorry For The Wait x Tréi Stella

It was a little before 4 am on a Sunday morning when I rolled over, restless from the night. Unlocking my phone, I fell upon a cover art image marked parental advisory, explicit content. I thought to myself, surely this had to be a mistake. The image of Tréi Stella perfectly postured showed no signs that this black queen’s verbiage could cut deeper than a double-edged sword, but boy was I wrong. All things considered, I assumed that I was prepared for the quality of this project to give me just enough comfort to drift back to sleep. I pressed play and that is when it happened. Tréi Stella didn’t waste any time blowing up the scene. In the first few moments of ‘Holla’ the opening track, high pitch squeals of an alto saxophone, combined with the hard-punching rhythmic rolls of a drum set invaded my musical tastebuds with a flavor I hadn’t experienced in quite some time. Accompanied by choir-like background vocals, Tréi Stella’s rifts and runs quickly became addictive. I was wide awake and I wanted and needed to hear more.

Before I knew it, ‘Your The One’ the 90’s like bop-worthy track, smoothly transitioned into the mix. It felt like a dream, reminiscent of my younger years, sitting by the stereo on a Sunday night listing to The Quiet Storm. It was at the moment where I had to question myself, how could I have not heard of this songstress and her amazing vocal capabilities. Where the hell have I been, who’s rock have I been living under? I didn’t have enough time to ponder those thoughts before ‘Habit’ picked up the pace. The live Go-Go Band styled instrumentation, and out of the box, vocals expressed one’s undeniable truth to a not so bad addiction.

The next two tracks set the vibe for a cat and mouse game that the singer lyrically plays between lust and love. Through the layered harmonies, listeners will sense a vibe of female dominance in a casual yet sexual friendship, the lyrics also convey the need to maintain a no strings attached vibe, while assuring the opposite party that they have obtained special privileges thus proclaiming, ‘It’s Yours’. Almost seamlessly ‘Waiting For You’ a smooth R&B head-rocking groove, that makes for the perfect follow up track to ‘It’s Yours’ instantly became a favorite. The adoration in Tréi Stella’s vocal phrasing oozes satisfaction and seduction as she expresses her patience for the one she desires to be by her side.

Waiting For You x Tréi Stella

And suddenly the upbeat energy of the album succumbed to a melancholy melody with ‘Good On You’. After the first verse the theme became very clear, Lover’s Remorse. Take a look at the lyrics below.

So sick and dumb
going crazy over you, all of those times
You said you’ll roll through
And you be all on my time
Like I cant get over you
What the hell is wrong with you.

Walkin’ round frontin’ for the homies,
you know that I can get it if I want it.
Callin’ my phone 3 o’clock in the morning,
Gassin’ me and actin’ like he lonely.

You took too long,
and I’m done, I’m growing impatient
No longer waiting
I’m done with the foul shit,
I’m taking off. Oh…

You know I’m good on you.
You can try
It don’t look good on you.
You know I’m good on you,
so goodbye
you know I’m too good on you.

Good On You x Tréi Stella
Tréi Stella

‘Changes’ was another swift transition, this time parting the cloudy skies of the previous song, with a witty rap verse featuring Chill Moody, followed by mid-tempo melodic vibes effortlessly layered from beginning to end. By the time I made it through ‘Texting Probably’, the funk flavored ‘Girls Night Out’ and ‘Goodbye (Tréi July)’ a retrospective look into the trials of a relationship that ends in severance, I was fully convinced that Tréi Stella was coming for blood. ‘Sorry For The Wait’, a ten-track power-packed album full of emotional storytelling and nostalgic vocal arrangements, is the perfect musical antidote for those who have an affinity for real rhythm and blues. Whatever it was that warranted the singer to choose such a title for her debut album, there is only one thing left to say. We humbly and gratefully accept your apology.

Written By: Y-Lii

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