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New Music: Shardella Sessions – ‘It’s On Me’



One thing is for sure, talent runs in the family. Shardella Sessions have blossomed into a young adult, as she continues to follow in the footsteps of her mother, the First Lady of Atlas Elite Entertainment, Angel Sessions. “Shardella has learned a lot from me, said Angel, and now she has come into her own with her own style and vocal ability the way she sings. I am so proud of her because she has not only learned how to write her own songs but produce her own records! She has come a long way since she was 11 when she first started singing and you can hear the growth in her voice. Her new song tells a story about herself, her life and expresses how she is dealing with getting threw the tough times, even though some mistakes she has made, she is letting the listeners know, she’s got this and she can get through it.”

The new single “It’s on Me” is a powerful smooth salty song. The ballot with a catchy hook and sexy vocals pull the listeners at the moment you hear the opening of the track. The single is for all ages and speaks to the hearts of anyone who has experienced the pain and growth in getting through things by depending on themselves and finding the strength to get through it.

Shardella has been writing songs for years and is now ready to let the world hear more of her though her music as the songs she writes speaks to her generation and the new generation. This ballot will prepare her listeners to want more from the princess of AEE.

It’s on Me the new single is released on February 7th, 2020 on all major online stores and streaming services to enjoy as you listen. Atlas Elite Entertainment is excited for their artist Shardella Sessions and awaits this next big hit for her to be released. Shardella is also releasing later in 2020 her new album that’s sure to gain her more fans to come.

This is a record that you should listen to with your friends, and have a chat session about it afterward. Yes! Its that type of record, click the link below to stream right now.

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