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New Music: @TacoBae4 – “Good Times”



“Good Times”

Tianis Rose is an emerging sultry R&B singer-songwriter and rapper from Charlotte, NC by way of Brooklyn, NY and today she’s here with her debut single, “Good Times”. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Tianis delivers a melodic R&B/Hip-Hop record showcasing her vocal versatility. Inspired by wanting to have a good time with the one she wants, Tianis reminds her listeners to go after that special somebody; let them know they’ll never find or have a better time with anyone than they’ll have with you!

“Good Times is a melodic combination of R&B and Hip-Hop with a sprinkle of rose petals (pun intended). I was inspired to do this record because I want to have a good time and I want my listeners to feel good when they’re listening to the record .. I JUST WANT TO GIVE YOU A GOOD TIME!” – Tianis on debut single

Inspired by the likes of Lauryn Hill, The Marleys (Bob, Stephen & Damian) and Shakira, Tianis Rose is bringing a combination of spice, soul, and realness back to music. She’s the new girl on the scene and takes great pleasure in creating what she doesn’t see. Follow Tianis on social media for updates on new music, videos, performances and more!


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