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New Music: @ZaytheG0At – “New Yeezys”



“New Yeezys”

The Carolinas have been birthing some amazing talent over the last year or so and emerging Charlotte native Zay The Goat, is set to continue that undeniable streak. The 20yr old President of independent label Social Currency, is here today with his new single “New Yeezys”. The heavy bass bounce record finds Zay expressing how he’s ready to show and prove he’s got next and plans to have no mercy on anyone in his way.

“New Yeezys, I just wanted to talk my sh*t. I’ve always been humble but now I have the urge to prove and show why I’m next up!” – Zay The Goat on new single

The prolific artist began rapping back in 2017 and has been on a mission ever since! Following the untimely passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, Zay instantly zoned into the Mamba Mentality and dropped 24 bars for 8 days straight via Instagram. Be sure to check out Zay The Goat’s new single “New Yeezys” and follow him on social media for updates on new music, videos, performances and more!

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