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New Music: TSL Fetti – Rich Dreams From The Projects (LP)



TSL Fetti is one of the hottest rising rappers originally from Birmingham, Alabama! TSL Fetti has made it no secret that his success is a direct reflection of the hard work, patience, and vulnerability that he’s putting into his music.

The former football player has always been talented and creative in whatever he chose to do.TSL Fetti’s love and passion for music inspired him to take his music to the next level as an artist. “Rich Dreams From The Projects” is his latest mixtape that has been the main reason for his growth within the industry.

TSL Fetti’s streams, fanbase, and overall views have increased tremendously, placing him on the rap radar for alot of hip hop executives. TSL Fetti’s sound and flow are unique and truly embody the struggles he’s had to overcome.

Stream TSL Fetti’s Rich Dreams from the Projects below.

Like the new project, review TSL Fetti’s catalog below on Spotify.

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