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Archangel “Hallelujah Music Vol 3” Album Review



Starting off with great energy, Archangel dives right into Hallelujah Music Vol 3 with a ferocious feature on the intro “Cloud” which sets the tone perfectly.  Featuring legendary Chicago MC Shawanna “Cloud” has a Great bounce, and impeccable delivery rolled into a club heavy sonic that segues perfectly into the follow up track “Move;” A change of pace, the record is to all those who kill your vibe whether hater, doubter, or plain shade thrower. For all Those who don’t have a VIP seat in your life play “Move” they’ll get the message.   On “Competition” Archangel joins forces with DatBoysin and K.I. for a super braggadocios track centered around courting ladies, getting fly, and living the good life. The trio complement each other trading metaphors and dope lines about their escapades and their resume from sick rhymes to getting women and counting funds. This record is heavy on the sauce if I might say so myself.  The following track, “Hood” features veteran Memphis MC Zed Zilla. A grittier track, on “Hood” a warning is sent out to all those who might think things are sweet whether in the street or on a track. Archangel holds his own as he keeps it Hip Hop but shows versatility on this street track reminding the public that he is certainly from the bottom, Memphis that is. ” You may not know who I am cause the heater that I’m toting burn the fur off a lamb / I feel bad for ya fam cause when I say MTV that mean my glocks don’t jam.” In layman’s terms – get right before you get left.  “Run up on the hood N**** you don’t wanna do that.”

The tempo slows down a little as Archangel takes aim at the frauds on “You Don’t Want It.” Putting on with a sped up flow, he gets his Midwest on spewing bar after bar about he is where these others never are that’s why he is on his way to stardom.   Twuan G and Crown Vega deliver for the streets of not only Memphis but anybody that can relate to the battle fields of the inner city and standing their ground.

The project closes with a dope intro sampled from a legendary interview with Dame Dash. We Ain’t The Same ends Volume 3 with the perfect answer to the question of how he plans to separate himself from his contemporaries in his city and Hip Hop in general. Something like a 10 real hitta commandment dropping gems about those to stay away from and those who you should always chose to keep it real with.  “Ain’t no way that you can play me I know the game….we ain’t the same.” Turn that up as you ride out to Hallelujah Music Vol 3.  Overall the project has something for everybody from the turn up to the trap and everywhere in between. Motivation music if you ask me for those headed to that money and standing their square. Good vibes only on this here. Grab a copy after you stream it here.

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