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@SaucySantana New Music Video: Material Girl



Writer: Brittany R (Ig: @flossybee_)

What’s big sweetie? Tallahassee’s very own Saucy Santana is back at it again! Saucy Santana is most known by many from his live featuring Yung Miami of the City Girls. “What’s big sweetie?…Besides my Chanel bag,”- Saucy Santana. He has been trending a lot lately with both good and bad news. He was recently shot in his arm after leaving a club in Miami. Following the shooting he quickly released his single You Can’t Kill Me. Today he dropped the video for his new single Material Girl.

Material Girl is 1 of 9 songs on Saucy Santana’s new mixtape I’mma Celebrity that he released yesterday. His new video Material Girl was filmed in Miami, FL. The video starts off with Santana driving through the city in a Rolls Royce. Chanel bags, Gucci, Prada, pearls, diamonds and other luxurious material things that describes this material girl, Saucy Santana perfectly are all throughout this video. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Tommie Lee, Shannon Clermont and new cast member of Love and Hip Hop Miami Sukihana are also featured in this video. Check out Material Girl video below.