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We’ve Got That PIF!



The North American cannabis movement is alive and well. Though general use has not yet been decriminalized federally, over 30 states have enacted laws that legalize marijuana use in some form. With the recent wave of change, we’re witnessing the renaissance and growth of an industry that is taking the nation by storm.

PIF, an acronym for Plant Inspired Future is a brand dedicated to the formulation and distribution of high quality, organic, plant based products. It’s roots laid in Harlem, a city whose name is synonymous with innovation and color filled culture. Liken to the platform built by artists of its Renaissance providing black and brown intellectuals a place in Western culture. The aims of PIF’s social agenda will carry on the majesty of its birth place.

This weekend, we stepped in to chat with Landon Dais, Chief Strategy Officer of the minority owned, multi-state cannabis company known as PIF.

You’re an Attorney, how does someone who went from practicing construction litigation find himself in this sort of business?

“It’s actually really interesting. I was sitting in hammock, smoking a Cuban cigar on vacation. Rob Kampia, co-founder of the Marijuana Policy Project, got word of me from political sources and gave me a call. He’d heard about my work and recruited me to assist with policy and lobby for the expansion of medical marijuana in the state of New York.”

So are you all selling, you know..actual bud?

“New York State has approved ten licenses for medical marijuana program where companies could distribute medical marijuana products. As of right now, the state of NY does not allow for sale of flower. All cannabis related products distributed are in the form of vapes, tinctures, lotions, topical creams, and tea.”

Do you have a team of botanists and chemists who create a tailored product?

“We do not currently have an in house botanist. Our USDA certified tea and CBD pre-rolls, are lab certified via COA by a select group of farmers that ensure the testing of products. No chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides are used. As we scale up we will hire a team of botanists, cultivators and testing specialists.”

The @LivePIF Twitter bio lists the brand as a Cannabis company with a social agenda. What does the social agenda entail?

“One of the licenses we hold is in the state of Michigan, proceeds go back to clean water projects.”

“We want to hire and empower people negatively impacted by the war on drugs.”

Obviously with a name like Plant Inspired Future, the brand steers away from the use of plastics. They prefer to distribute all merch in sustainable packaging. We love a good go green initiative!

In what way is PIF organizing themselves to assist in changing the criminalization factor associated with recreational use of cannabis products?

“85% of all Marijuana related convictions are black and brown people, even though white Americans use the substance at the same rate if not a higher rate.”

“Yet, there are only 5% of black and brown People in ownership of cannabis and CBD related companies in the US.”

“ We will employ and uplift those negatively impacted by those statistics. Planting seeds of the future minority owned cannabis companies.”

What is the future of the Marijuana industry? 

“In 10 years there will be a modernization of raw materials, use will be legalized federally. Expect a a consilidation of companies, similar to the internet boom.”

How do young people, who may not have the working capital to invest get involved in the industry?

“It’s multi layered, it’s such a new industry that there are many outlets. Biochemistry, botanists, plant genetics, engineering of water and electric systems, branding, influencers, transport, security, retail, sales, cultivation, etc. If you’re interested in the industry get in where you fit in. You might not have a million dollars, but you can build equity in other ways.”
How will the music industry impact the industry? 

“Music has always been an influence in all communities, we saw this with alcohol when rappers were starting liquor brands and using product placement in their videos. Creating partnerships with artists and entertainers is mutually beneficial. Granted that you partner with people whose beliefs align with that of your brand.”

How can people engage politicians on the issue of marijuana policy?

“Registering to vote is essential, you also have to vote in your local elections. Less than 15% of Americans aged 18-30 vote. A 25% increase in the voting trend would allow that demographic to dominate elections and policy. Elected officials are going to cater to those who are older because younger constituents don’t engage. Younger people are more likely to vote when there is an issue on the ballot that they care about. Use your following. An organized minority is better than a disorganized majority. Organize your friends on social media and in real life.”

Here’s a quick look at the Live PIF team. 

CEO, Julio Casado of the Bronx, master marketer, and economics professor.
COO, Marvin Burns of Detroit, real estate investor, and Amazon best-selling author.
CSO, Landon Dais of Harlem, attorney, political activist, and maker of policy.

What are your top 3 favorite PIF products right now?

“Right now, I’d say our Detox tea, Dream tea, and CBD Pre rolls, silver haze. The pre rolls are actually going on sale next week.”

A shameless plug, but we aren’t mad.

It would appear that we are getting divinely close to being able to roll in peace. Be on the lookout for the latest releases of the PIF product line. Keep up with the happenings of the brands growth via their instagram.