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New Artist: Young PJ



Young PJ is a rapper/singer from Chicago, IL. His style of music is modern but also more old school well I been doing music for almost 7 years I started out making beats in 2012 but I started recording and 2016 I had started posting my music on Twitter and Instagram and I started getting Recognize and some celebrities started following Danny boy steward Michel ‘le.

Then I started getting a lot of followers 4k on Twitter and on Instagram it was 10k and now it’s 14k one of my biggest accomplishments was releasing 5 songs just keep putting out music that sounds good a Song Wild Wild West Smile Feat JJ The Rapper Kick It Bitch, North Pole Feat C.Gottie and Right

Now I’m Recording 4 Projects Ep Rare Breed that’s coming out in February and my Mixtape Herbs that are Releasing 4/20/20, 20 Tracks Group Project Jp Crazy Mixtape Childs Play That Comes out in September 11, 2020, and my album Sauce and Juice will be out around the same time as my group project No official date yet For my album but everything is set in motion. 

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