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New Artist: @CapoGoody



Writer: Brittany R. (Ig: flossybee_)

Originally from Knoxville, TN, Capo Goody is currently in Atlanta pursuing his music career. He first got involved with music when he was 14 years old, unfortunately things went left and Capo ended up in jail. His music career was placed on hold until he was released from prison in 2016. Since he was released Capo has been pursuing his music full time, he is currently working on a new project. “My album is the story of my life, I’m trying to bring back the feel of good music… The music that don’t sound like everybody else, it don’t sound like Atlanta, it don’t sound like stuff you really hear…. I want to bring out my own sound and my own flavor…Just give them something different,” says Capo. Many have compared his music and lyrics to the late great Tupac.

Check out his song Paranoid and stay tuned for more music from Capo Goody.