Eman Get Dough Drops A “Unexpected” Single

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Posted on December 29, 2021 at 4:12 pm

Following collaborations with Gunna and Hoodrich Pablo Juan, North Miami’s own Eman Get Dough unloads his latest single “Unexpected.” The auto-tune heavy cut gives fans a peek into Eman’s mind and brings light to why he isn’t easily trusting in professional as well as romantic relationships. 

Speaking to the press, E.G.D. explains: 

“My new record is centered around guarding my heart or as I say keeping a chrome heart, because of the environment that I grew up in. There’s a lot of fake love going around these days, so to avoid getting hurt you can’t be too quick to let people close to you.”

Hopping from home to home in Florida while growing up in grade school, the only stability Eman found was in his music. “My mother and I would hustle up money just so that we could eat and I could go to the studio”, states Eman. From a rough upbringing to a terrible accident that led to the loss of his cousin Kay Kay, Eman also suffered a month long paralysis from that same accident. Fully recovered, Eman is determined to leave a legacy for his family. “I’ve got things to do.”