Throwback Thursday: “Comfortable” By Lil Wayne Featuring Babyface Needs More Praise, Here’s Why!

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Posted on October 7, 2021 at 7:23 am

NEW ORLEANS – JULY 1: (L-R) Lil’ Wayne and Babyface pose for a photograph at the launch party for Babyface’s new album at W Hotel New Orleans on July 1, 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Getty Images for W Hotel Worldwide)

Tha Carter 3 from Lil Wayne was one of music’s crowing jewels of 2008 and the early 2000s overall with record breaking singles such as “Lollipop” Ft. the late Static Major, “A Milli,” “Got Money,” “Mr. Carter” featuring Jay Z, and “Ms. Officer” featuring Bobby Valentino. The album was so well received by critics and fans alike for it’s long-lasting sounds that not only has it’s gone six times Platinum as of September 25th, 2020 but Rolling Stone included it in it’s 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time list which showcases how groundbreaking the album was.

However, for some particular reason, “Comfortable” featuring the legendary singer, producer, and songwriter Babyface has gone completely overlooked until Babyface’s 2020 Verzuz challenge against Teddy Riley for some odd reason. You would think that with Lil Wayne being one of the most accoladed emcees of all time teaming up with somebody with Babyface’s resume would garnish MUCH MORE attention but hey that’s why I’m here to show praise for my favorite single of Tha Carter 3.

At the age i was when this album released, thirteen going on fourteen, “A Milli” or “Lollipop” would’ve very well been easily my favorite tracks from the project because the production was more akin to a youthful ear. During my college undergrad years at UMES I probably would’ve selected “Ms. Officer” just because seeing beautiful women on campus singing along to that at parties and kickbacks kicked in the what you can call “youthful hormones” kicking in a bit more severely (LOL). However, at my age of 27 and being well into my career post grad school I can comfortably, pun was definitely intended, put “Comfortable” as my favorite song from the timeless album.

Babyface’s effortless vocals on the amazingly catchy hooks blend in well with prime Lil Wayne’s bars which ranks among the best of all time in hip hop. The subject matter in the track is much more relatable to an older ears as opposed to a younger one because it deals with real life relationship issues. To be honest though regardless of age group this is a must listen to track that needs more attention so stream it below via Spotify and please play is on your favorite DSP ASAP!

Please don’t, get to, COMFORT-ABLE! With not having this song in your daily rotation