Cordae Drops New Track “Super” As Wait For New Album Intensifies

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Posted on October 7, 2021 at 4:20 pm

Cover Art for Cordae’s “Super”

As the wait for From a Bird’s Eye View intensifies, fans of Cordae have been patiently waiting for the rapper’s next move. In April, Cordae released a four-track EP called Just Until…. that featured tracks with Q Tip and Young Thug to try and hold fans over until his next full-length project was done. However, the wait for Cordae’s follow-up to The Lost Boy may be over as the North Carolina rapper released his new track ‘Super’ on October 7th. The three-minute track is produced by Kid Culture and Jenius and features Cordae verses that can only be described as ruthless as he rips apart the beat on both verses.

Accompanying the track is a music video that complements Cordae’s braggadocious lyrics featuring blackboards the read “I’m the greatest,” and his gold plaques for some of his previous music like ‘Have Mercy’ and his debut album The Lost Boy.

With Cordae’s single coming a little more than five months after his previous EP where he claimed, “this four-pack, man, it’s just, all songs from the heart, dawg, just something to hold y’all over until I’m done with the album,” ‘Super’ could serve as the first step in the rollout for Cordae’s next album.  All fans know for sure is the name of Cordae’s incoming project, From a Bird’s Eye View, however, more information about the incoming album could be coming soon.