Baltimore Native Uneek Makes His Big-Screen Debut in “Dark City Beneath the Beat”

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Posted on June 23, 2021 at 3:17 pm


Baltimore native Uneek makes his big-screen debut in the 2020 Netflix documentary “Dark City Beneath the Beat.” The documentary is centered around the multiple dimensions of Baltimore’s club music scene and its impact on the Baltimore community as a whole. Through the lens of Baltimore’s club music scene, the documentary illustrates the challenges artists in Baltimore’s face to succeed despite a lack of resources and funding. Uneek narrates and appears in the documentary created by TT the Artist, who had been working on the film over the course of ten years before its debut at SXSW Film Festival in 2020 and its eventual current residency on Netflix.

Uneek is the founder of B More Than Dance, a Baltimore talent and enrichment program that aims to act as an outlet and provide mentorship for the next generation. Since its founding in November of 2007, B More Than Dance has held over 75 sessions per year including workshops and dance classes. The non-profit organization also holds four annual events a year that offer cash prizes to winning contestants. The Baltimore non-profit now provides mentorship and enrichment for 300 youth and young adults each year with Uneek aiming to provide the blueprint for mentees to learn how to monetize their talents and become mentors for generations after them.

Uneek’s work with B More Than Dance is to be applauded and with his appearance in “Dark City Beneath the Beat,” it appears the profile of himself along with his non-profit organization may be on the rise with the opportunity to help more people.

You can find B More Than Dance on Instagram & Twitter