New Music: Bobby Fishscale – ‘No 9 to 5’

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Roc Nation’s artist Fishscale is thrilled to announce the release of his “No 9 to 5” Song and music video on Friday, June 12th, 2020, and it’s not available everywhere.

Born in Quincy, Florida, Bobby Fishscale is no stranger to hustle and flows as he was raised under his father’s musical guidance. With a mix of growing up watching the lifestyle of a popular DJ and living in the projects, Bobby sought refuge in music and street politics where his lyrics reflected those influences.

Known for his flawless delivery and cutting-edge lyricism, Bobby Fishscale grabbed the attention of popular social influencers, hip hop platforms, and blogs where they praised his stab on “Hov Flow” over Jay-Z & Eminem’s ‘Renegade’ beat. Soon after, he dropped his debut mixtape called “Big Fish” stirring up a bidding war amongst record labels.

The video has a cinematic trap visual. Bobby Fishscale is no ordinary southern rapper, but a trendsetter who uses music as an outlet for him to express his struggles and pain. The music video opens with a scorned lover clutching her cell phone furiously, calling Bobby Fishscale searching for his whereabouts.

Bobby not only proved he is too busy for a love who may not understand or align with his financial lifestyle. She shouts “Bobby, you need to stop trappin’ and go get a 9 to 5 job”. Bobby Fishcale acclaims, “I got trap in my blood, got no time for no 9 to 5.”

In his new music video for “No 9 to 5”, he cleanly displays the inner workings of a non-traditional career while lyrically exploring the pros and cons of a trapper’s lifestyle.

Most southern emcees purposely have specific lingo, trends, and makes use of the nightlife. Fishscale is a lifestyle that embodies style, hustle, and ambition to get to the bag by any means necessary.

Recently, coming off the success of “Blue Cheese” single and “Hov Flow” freestyle, Bobby teased his viewers with his new video clip which was picked up across social blogs. Check out Bobby Fischale’s “No 9 to 5” Music Video Below.