OUTSIDE EVERYDAY: @RealRonSuno Rises As The New Wave of Drill Music!

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High-Energy is an understatement when it comes to rapper, Ron Suno. The 19-year-old Bronx native has made waves through the streets of New York while making a major impact on the Drill Music scene. Just days ago, he performed at DJ Drewski’s New Movement Edition of Hot 97 Who’s Next, alongside Simxsantana, C Black and Smoove L at The Legendary SOB’s. After lighting the stage on fire, MusicXclusive’s On-Air correspondent Silva, sat down with Ron Suno to talk more about what’s next to come.

Ron Suno with MusicXclusives On-Air Correspondent Silva, at SOB’s.

Combining forces with a new publicist, Avery Watson aka Ms. Artistry, the rapper has been making consistent moves in the first quarter of 2020. Earlier this month, Ron Suno hit the airwaves after he bodied his freestyle on Hot 97 with Funk Flex.

Ron Suno with Funk Flex at Hot 97

“At first, I looked at your gram, and I questioned at first, then I saw you spitting on your gram. I said alright, okay, I’m gonna’ let him come up and try it.” Funk Flex admitted during the interview. After which, Ron Suno pulled out a stack of cash, making a statement to his critics that he is working and getting money. Immediately following his appearance at Hot 97, Ron Suno released a music video for ‘Spider-man’ featuring Fivio Foreign. The up-tempo drill record was received well by his fans and has since racked up over 2 million views on YouTube.

Before bringing his comedic influence to the forefront, Ron Suno began rapping in the studio around the age of 15, after being encouraged by his long-time friend and fellow rapper Siri Dinero.

MURDER x Ron Suno Feat. Siri Dinero

In 2015, together they released a visual for ‘Murder’ featuring Siri Dinero, followed by ‘Takeover’ and ‘Brotherhood – Don’t come here’. It wasn’t until 2017 after multiple musical releases when he took a step beyond the booth.

His entertaining personality brought forth a strong social media presence after creating the #WeaveChallenge, a comedic video that instantly went viral. The #WeaveChallenge became such a sensation, fans of the Co-op City comedian began to post similar versions to their social media profiles.

The challenge was explained during an interview with Melz TV last fall, Ron Suno stated that idea formed after an exchange of words happened on Facebook Live. “Somebody said some crazy shit so I said weave you buggin’ out, so I’m thinking in the back of my head weave you feel me? I’m weaving all types of negative energy, you feel me, it can mean a lot of definitions, you can weave anything in this world…”. 

“Somebody said some crazy shit so I said weave you buggin’ out, so I’m thinking in the back of my head weave you feel me? I’m weaving all types of negative energy, you feel me, it can mean a lot of definitions, you can weave anything in this world…”.

Ron Suno during an interview with Melz TV, November 2019.

The success of the challenge continued to rise as many adaptations of the original video surfaced weekly. Reports confirm that NBA 2K, a basketball sports simulation released annually, swiped the idea from the comedic rapper for their 2018 edition of the series. Allegedly the developers of the video game did not credit Ron Suno for his influence as the originator of the challenge, thus a lawsuit is in the works that the rapper has confirmed but also kept quiet about.

Screenshot of NBA 2K19 simulation mimicking The Weave Challenge.

Although widely recognized for his comedic talent, Ron Suno continued to pursue his passion for rap music as he dropped ‘New Boss’ a seven-track EP including the songs “With My Crew” and “Party On Jump” in 2019.

Following the release of his EP, Ron Suno continued to merge his comedic nature and social media influence with his music. In October of 2019 experienced his biggest breakthrough in music thus far, after recording a drill music type record that sent the streets of The Bronx into a frenzy. His Social Media buzz grew once again after the rapper created yet another challenge for his newest hit, ‘Pinocchio’. In the weeks that followed, the song exploded to nearly 5 million views on YouTube and over 14 million streams across all platforms.

The future seems very bright for The Bronx based rapper, as he continues to defy stereotypes that comedians can’t rap. With nearly 80 thousand subscribers on YouTube, 759 thousand followers on Instagram, he is well on his way to claiming 2020 as his year of exposure. Ron Suno’s fiery drive gives audiences no choice except to respect his hustle, while he continues to merge comedic entertainment and rap, all into one avenue, a power-play move that has rarely been seen before.