Young Dirty Bastard Drops Some Knowledge & Then Goes From Interviewee To Interviewer

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Young Dirty Bastard a.k.a YDB chopped it up with MusicXclusives reporter Flossy Bee. YBD is the son of hip hop legend Old Dirty Bastard. During this interview YDB opened up about his current living situation, his personal relationship with family and his new single “Bar Sun.” YDB agreed that he did grow up around music and that inspired him to pursue a music career. He first started writing his own music in grade school while doodling and fooling around in class. He then started spitting knowledge about these new artist in the industry and what children need in this world. Shortly after he says to Flossy “let me ask you some questions Ms. Xclusives” and began interviewing her lol . Like, comment and share. Let us know what you think about the interview and go check out YDB latest single “Bar Sun.”