New Music: 5-D – ‘Burger Cheese’

Meet 5-D, fast-rising duo of rappers HBZ and Rudi, they 5-D combine intricate flows and lyrics with unique, mind-blowing production that reminds the listener of classic Hip Hop but paves the way into their own distinct sound. Today, we get the first taste of what they have in store for the new year with the release of new song called “Burger Cheese”.

Also known as Double Deuce Duo Duplicate Deluxe, on “Burger Cheese,” the duo capture a hearty and satisfying introduction that consumers will enjoy greatly with catchy bars, punchlines and narrating. Social media will be praising the newfound duo instantly based off the song’s originality.

Produced by Solar Shield, HBZ and Rudi add extra slick-talking bars that come off competitive against one another. Rudi raps, “Replying polite thinking “No shit, I already know this”/ We’re the culprits with a K/ 5-D on the crop like locusts/SubKulture quoted behold it’s a dynasty.”
And with HBZ, he responses with, “Speaking the words the pencil make portrayed them in a stensil state to infiltrate/ Your brain by ways of shifting form and shaPe to fornicate/ Don’t storm in late cuz you done missed the buffet line/ Hungry drooling looking like K-9.”

5-D explains:

“This was the most challenging song of all. Especially piecing it together. Every other song flowed magically easy, but this was fighting the dragon. Cron named this beat “Dapheach”. Needless to say, we Dapheach’d it. As far as the name, Beezy wanted the cover of the album to be our name spelled out as a burger. (whether or not that happens remains to be seen). In conclusion, what’s a burger without the cheese?”

“Burger Cheese” is a set up for the upcoming, now highly-anticipated, self-titled EP. The Austin, Texas-based group promise a superior lyrical exhibition to not only shine but familiarize fans with the superstar quality they effortlessly provide.

Streaming now via Magic Magic. “Burger Cheese” is a great jump-on point for newfound fans and a huge start to an incredible 2020 for 5-D. Stay tuned to everything 5-D by following the rising stars on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.