LouGotCash “Love Ain’t Real” album review

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Forward and direct from the start the title track “Love Ain’t Real”  sets the tempo for a broken hearted soul sonic.  Rapping from the perspective of a dejected ex-girlfriend who has a front row to his new success that she is not apart of, Lou Got Cash drops lines like “I gotta keep it real I wished that you didn’t make it / I see you brought a chain I hope that N**** take it” I guess what B.I.G said really is true.  Lou switches gears to first person letting it be known that regardless of the hate the winning will continue. On “Krazy” Lou details an over the edge relationship filed with problem after problem from infidelity to domestic violence and more. Kash Doll brings strong energy and ownership of a possessive, jealous, controlling girlfriend role: “I put a snickers in your tank, poured bleach on your clothes / I did that cause you ain’t gonna be looking good for them h**s.” Needless to say Kash Doll has my vote for the perfect feature on this record giving both sides of the coin. She continues on “Walking over me like a doormat , my feelings you kidnapped/  leave and then you come back  wonder why a B**** snap…” Super believable In my eyes. 

“Say Deep” is the morning after where Lou describes the level of quality that encompasses make up sex.  “Deep you say deep I make you breakfast like 3 times a week…” Try that ladies and gentlemen. “Backstabbers” reminds us about trusting people. The same ones that fill you with love can also bring you the most pain. Written like a love letter to a lady of the past Lou shares how crazy life has become since her betrayal. A great segue to “Ain’t Mine” where things hit the fan. In the vein of the classic “Billie Jean” by the king of Pop, Lou declares that although he has been having relations with a new young lady he is certain that he is not the father of her new child.

A Boogie joins the party on “Come Inside” as the two go back and forth about what goes down from the show to the after party, then the hotel if you know what I mean. The follow up track “Flashbacks” sets in on a Monday morning when you remember how wild the weekend was. Running through the rolodex, Lou remembers the 10s he has spent the night with living his rock star life. “Undercover” is the song that you and your secret rendezvous can share. Lou runs up the tab about the gifts, the foreplay, the sex and the best part being that neither of them have told anybody. It’s more impressive when you hold it down. “Thing you for you” is a hit. My favorite Lou Got Cash song. For all the fellas who have a hard time speaking on their feelings, press play she’ll understand.

“Starlets & Angels” is the players anthem. Ever fell in love at the strip club? This one is for you. To close out Coi Leray, Ar’mon, and Trey take things up a notch on “Thing For You” remix. 

A solid project throughout, “Love Aint Real” is consistent. I call it sliding down the Westside Highway on a dope night music. Salute to Lou for delivering some heat to close out 2019 two- stepping