Sprayground Owner @DavidBenDavid Drops New Music Video: “Disruptive Behavior Disorder”

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Writer: Brittany R (Ig: @flossybee_)

Not too long ago creative director and owner of Sprayground David Ben David let the world know that he’s also a music artist. A few days ago he released his newest single and music video Disruptive Behavior Disorder ft Nyemiah Supreme, OSBS and Danrue. In a previous interview David Ben David spoke about how growing up he didn’t really like school, so he decided to write this song to express his feelings about school. In the beginning of the video it shows David falling asleep in class. Throughout the video it shows David getting a failing grade on an exam, partying and turning up in the hallways. This video isn’t your average music video, definitely a must see. Not only does this video show off David’s skills as a music artist, but also emphasizes on his creativity. “Sprayground is my drug, music is my escape,” says David. Check out Disruptive Behavior Disorder below.