Svnday Talks His Journey, Relocating to ATL, Making Music that is Organic & Relatable + More

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Hip Hop newcomer Svnday is no stranger to the world of music, in fact, his journey started back at home in Baltimore, MD where he grew up. He later moved and relocated to Atlanta, GA to pursue his career as an artist but the road to success was faced with adversity trying to break into the southern region and he experienced a lot of competition in this new territory. Atlanta has been taking over the music scene for well over 15 years, and many artists have moved to the city in hopes of breaking into the industry and making a name for themselves. The city has birthed and created a lot of acts from its natives like Outkast, Monica, 112 and Jermaine Dupri to even out of towners like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, etc. Svnday learned early on that he needed to create his own lane and push the envelop in order to stand out amongst the pack in this new city. The success he’s gained so far was from overnight, and he worked hard to get there. In our sit down interview, he also spoke about making music that people can feel and relate to versus making “hits” to appease the masses. Svnday is a rockstar and it shows in his performance, his energy on stage is what most artist hope to obtain overtime.