Artist Spotlight + Music Video: @YvngMeech – “Expensive Habits”

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Upcoming Hip-Hop/Rap Artist “Yvng Meech”

The perception of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is based upon high-ranking sports teams such as the Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks, or their political stance where the division between Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates is detrimental to solidify the territory of the state.  

What many may be unaware of the Midwest state, that it is one of those undisclosed gems that acquires a fine-tooth comb to discover the rarities that stems from the metropolitan city. With the likes of Eric Benet, Oprah Winfrey, and Rico Love hailing from Milwaukee; speculation comes to mind to delve more into their creative and musical scenes with a sheer optimistic inquiry.

Since the era of technological advancements and cumbersome social-media platforms – there has been a surplus of music artists emerging from all walks of life. However, with such surplus comes with duplicates that can deem repetitious and vexatious to the average music lover.

Hip-Hop/Rap has been under the guise of repetition since Trap and Mumble Rap emerged. Many artists took a page out of T-Pain’s resurgence of auto-tune and ran with it. Some made masterful decisions of the computer gem, while others could very well do away with similar concepts altogether and find another creative pathway to cultivate their lane more precisely.

Yvng Meech is a great example of defying the odds when it comes to creative lyricism and hailing from a city that is not known for such. An upcoming Hip-Hop artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin – this young and talented gentleman is steadily making his approach to being one of the best rappers to hail from his city.

With the steady accrual of his social media followers going up every day, Yvng Meech has no intention of dimming his shine.

Although the start of his career as a Hip-Hop artist began five years ago, he is currently reconstructing his brand whilst producing a plethora of material on a consistent basis.

Yvng Meech released the visuals to his new record ‘Expensive Habits,’ that showcases a swank stroll with a female companion shopping on Rodeo Drive. Of course, the indulgence of expensive habits wouldn’t be complete if a black luxury sports car wouldn’t accompany the pair.

The Milwaukee native is one of the artists to look for in the upcoming future. His tenacity, love of performing arts, and consistency will garner him the opportunity to contend with the heavy hitters of this generation.

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Yvng Meech – “Expensive Habits” October 2019

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