@TeairraMari Plead Guilty To DUI

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Writer: Brittany R. (Ig: @flossybee_)

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TMZ reported on Monday, September 9, 2019, 31 old year old singer and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood caster member Teairra Mari entered a guilty plea. Teairra plead guilty to the count of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Back in June Teairra was arrested in NY after police pulled her over. It was reported that her blood alcohol level was 0.304. Following her guilty plea she must complete DWI courses and install an ignition interlock device in her car for the next year. Her license has been suspended for 6 months as well. If she fails to follow these guidelines, she can face up to 1 year behind bars. This isn’t Teairra’s first time being convicted of a DUI. In 2011 she was arrested in LA for her first DUI.

It didn’t take long for 50 Cent to add his sense or (cents) lol to this matter. 50 Cent reposted the TMZ post on his Instagram. He also wrote under the photo ” smh looking like the old drink lady from up the block. @lisbloomesq there goes your me too movement why are you so quiet b*tch!”