YFN Lucci and Young Thug Beef Heat Up

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YFN Lucci just don’t know when to let up. Young Thug is fresh off the release of his debut album and YFN Lucci was unfortunately not a fan of his album (which by the way is a great piece of work). The release of “So Much Fun” brought back their differences with YFN Lucci referring to it as a “cap ass album.” He even went to claim that he slept with Young Thug longtime girlfriend Jerrika Karlae. Jerrika Karlae went on the record to deny that she cheated on the rapper with Lucci. However, that wasn’t enough because the rapper is still spreading around the rumor.

During a recent visit to V-103 Atlanta, YFN Lucci brought up his beef against the rapper by reaffirming the fact that he slept with his girl. When asked if the feud is about Jerrika, YFN Lucci suggested that it 100% is. “I was in the bed with her a couple times,” he said. “We ain’t gonna talk on that though,” he added before plugging his new mixtape. Their on-again, off-again beef goes as far back as 2017 when the two exchanged words on Twitter after Lucci responded to Young Thug anointing himself as the new Tupac, with Lucci saying, “Pac would’ve never wore a dress.” Thugger fired back with a series of tweets that warned him “doin [too] much could become a deep sleep. Over the course of two years, their feud has continue to popped off and seemed to take a turn for the worse in the past recent months when they went back-and-forth on Instagram Live after Thug threatened to slap Lucci and Rapper Sauce Walka.

Hopefully the beef will end soon, but from the looks of it that won’t be happening. Share your thoughts on this beef, and also share your thoughts on the new Young Thug album.

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