@50Cent Won An Additional $4,000 In Teairra Mari Case

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Writter: Brittany R. (Flossybee_)

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50 Cent and Teairra Mari have been going back and fourth for months now. Earlier this year Teairra filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent. He posted one of her nudes that was leaked by her ex boyfriend who is also 50 Cent’s friend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad. 50 Cent posted a disturbing nude photo of Teairra with the caption “get the strap.” Unfortunately the judge did not rule in her favor and Teairra was ordered to pay 50 Cent $30,000. 50 Cent has been trying to get his money for months now. He’s made several post on social media and even served her with legal documents telling her to pay up. Teairra Mari claims she is too broke to pay up. She turned in all of her financial documents, bank records, paystubs, and tax returns to confirm. 50 Cent took matters into his own hands yet again and demanded an extra $4,000 after accusing Mari of failing to following the court rules in the original case. Once again the judge ruled in 50 Cent’s favor. Blast first reported the news and 50 Cent made another post on his Instagram. The posted consisted of a screenshot of the Blast article and he wrote “stop f*cking playing with me, I’m not going to loose.” If we don’t know anything else about 50 Cent, I think it’s fair to say he’s definitely about his coins and he’s not going to stop until he gets them.