@Bhadbhadie Calls It Quits, She Said She’s Done Rapping

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Writer: Brittany R. (Ig:Flossybee_)

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Who would’ve thought disrespecting your mother on national television would allow someone to get so much fame and royalties? Welp! fortunately for the outraged troubled teen Bhad Bhabie ( Danielle Bregoli ) her life changed completely after telling her mother “cash me outside how bout dattt.” Bhad Bhadie appeared on Dr. Phil, where she broadcasted how she beat her mother up and talk to her any kind of way. Asides from that Bhad Bhadie is also a rapper, she signed to Atlantic Records in 2017. Bhad Bhabie became the youngest female rapper to ever have a Billboard Hot 100 song at just age 14.

Yesterday July 12th it was announced that she signed a worldwide songwriting and publishing deal with Pulse Music Group for $1 million dollars. According to Billboard, the deal will cover all past and future songs from Bhabie. Today, Bhad Bhabie announced on Instagram that she’s done rapping. She claims that people don’t support her music because she’s white. She said, “Ya’ll will promote half these female rappers that dead ass suck ya’ll only fuck with most of them cuz they pretty or you like they style” She then says, “I promise you these bitches anit on that but when it comes to me a bitch that can really rap ya’ll don’t wanna fuck with me cuz how I came up and bc I’m white.”