#BlackBoyJoy: @Jaden’s Activism Creates Tangible Solutions with Flint, Skid Row

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Jada Pinkett and Will Smith have been known for raising their children in warm, free loving and carefree environments. So, it’s no surprise that their son, rapper Jaden Smith, has been so successful with his philanthropic work. From clean water to free food for those less fortunate and/or homeless, he puts his money where his mouth and activism is.

For years, Jaden has been heavily involved with the water business via JUST. According to a recent interview he did with Teen Vogue, the Gen Z rapper teamed up with First  Trinity Baptist Church in providing clean water to the city of Flint, Michigan, something the leaders of the church has been doing for years. Jaden stated how important it was to shine more light on Flint since the media doesn’t talk about the city’s water crisis anymore, hence why he stepped up. The young rapper hopes his generation will usher in more activism for those in need, especially as it relates to water.

In addition to his clean water initiatives, Jaden has been providing free vegan food via a food truck on Los Angeles’ Skid Row, a community known for its homeless population. With one meal and one drink at a time, Jaden Smith is truly “an icon living.” We salute you, young sir.- @MarvinRashad_