XXXTentacion One Year Later + Friend and Rapper C-Glizzy Shot in the Head

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Today marks one year since the untimely demise of rapper XXXTentacion at the tender age of 20 years old. According to several news reports and disturbing video footage circulating, the rapper was gunned down in the late morning hours after shopping at Riva Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, FL. He was pronounced dead in the early afternoon hours. The suspects robbed XXX of a Louis Vuitton bag and $50,000.00 before drifting off to a desolated location prior to their arrest. The suspects are currently awaiting trial for first-degree murder and robbery.  

XXXTentacion who’s government name is Jaseh Onfroy became one of the most controversial and extrinsic artists prior to his passing. His unique style of alternative rap to outspoken and rambunctious retorts (to life and other artists for minuiscule beef) permitted a large range of popularity.

His debut single, ‘Look at Me’ solidified a worldwide appeal which is presently certified platinum. His album titled ‘17’ peeked at the number 2 spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 in 2017, and after his demise, resurfaced the top 10 U.S. Billboard which later went platinum. Record sales and merchandise increased by 120% after Onfroy’s death.

XXXTentacion became a pioneer for Soundcloud Rappers, alongside his team Members Only, who paved the way for a new style of soundcloud rap. Many artists who followed suit, had a guideline of the slain rapper.

Prior to his death, XXXTentacion was an advocate for the youth. He wanted them to creatively express themselves and speak out if they experience bouts of depression, to what many assumed he experienced himself. Donating  items such as video games and musical instruments to different foster homes for the youth, one would notice the sincerity when the 20-year-old would interact to the children who looked up to him, especially within his community.

As fans remember such an outspoken gem, his legacy charity continues to live vicariously through his base, family, and colleagues. Our condolences extend to those who are affected by XXXTentacion’s untimely passing.

In related news, close acquaintance of Triple X by the name of C Glizzy was reportedly shot on Saturday (June 15) in Pompano Bay, FL. According to several sources, the up-and-coming rapper whose real name is Christian Moore was standing in front of a convenience store before he was shot in the head.

Shortly after, the 16-year-old rapper’s mother and brother discovered him harmed before taking him to a nearby hospital. In a frantic rush however, the car lost control where it swerved and crashed into an exit ramp wall. Despite the accident at hand, the family were able to take Moore to the hospital where it is expected for him to survive the injuries.

This ironically comes a few days short of a year since his counterpart’s demise. We will also send prayers and well wishes to Moore and his family.