Throwback Thursday: Prince – “I Wanna Be Your Lover”

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On this Thursday, we’re going back to the end of the Disco era where a new sensation named Prince overtook the airwaves with his new single entitled “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” Though it was from his second album, the song was hit first big hit and a breakout from his self-titled album.

The single for “I Wanna Be Your Love” debuted in August 1979. When the videos were released there after, two emerged but only one was popularized (the other was considered too sexually liberated for that time and was hidden from media outlets). Today we celebrate both versions from the iconic, legendary and late musician Prince Rogers Nelson

Though highly missed and never forgotten, his estate wanted to make sure that more of Prince’s undiscovered music could be appreciated. They released some of those records in the release of a compilation album entitled ‘Originals.’ I’m sure they’ll have more music to issue, seeing that mthe songs are all demos of songs he wrote for other artists, whereas I had the pleasure of hearing a Jazz song recorded at his house in Minneapolis that sounded nothing like those songs (most likely recorded right before his passing). ‘Originals’ is available on all platforms where music is streamed, downloaded and purchased.