News: @Beyonce’s Publisict Tells The #Beyhive To Stop “Spewing Hate”

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On Wednesday June 5, 2019 things got a little wild for the Beyhive when Beyoncé and Jay-Z attended courtside to an NBA game. Many Beyhive members accused Nicole Curran, wife of the Golden Warror’s owner, of getting too close to Beyoncé’s personal space. As a response, many flooded her Instagram page with bee emojis, “draggings” and even worse, death threats. This caused Curran to become distraught and disable her account.

Many criticized the hive for their actions, including the Queen Bey’s publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure. Yvette took to Instagram, hoping the Beyhive would take note to her message and do better.


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