@50Cent Approached By An Aspiring Artist While On A Date

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While on a date with Black Ink Chicago cast member Nikki Nicole, 50 Cent was approached by an aspiring artist. After analyzing the clip, it looked as if 50 Cent was about to put them paws on the dude as he turned around and walked up to him. The dude actually thought 50 was about to hit him as well. ” You going to hit me cause I’m telling you I got talent, that’s f*cked up…look at my IG at least.”

50 Cent didn’t put his hands on homeboy, he instead explained to him why he thought he was dumb and that his music would never work. “Are you crazy?” 50 said, “your sh*t is not gonna work, you are stupid…the way you are approaching it is wrong, there is nothing to play right now… there is nothing you can show me right now that is gonna help you.” The dude continued to beg 50 Cent to look at his Instagram and 50 replied, “look at my Instagram is gonna help you right now?”

We don’t how it all panned out in the end, but we know for sure 50 Cent did not take him seriously. The dude immediately took to Instagram to rant, meanwhile Curtis turned this into a new stream of income. He got custom made t-shirts made saying, “just look at my IG…your sh*t ain’t gonna work.”