New Music: Sureli – ‘Love’

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There’s a new artist on her way to the top!

Her name is Sherica Daniels, but she’s known as Sureli. She’s a wife, mother, and leader who has been forced into transitioning into a positive influence of enlightenment mentally, physically and emotionally.

Despite her suffering from depression, which caused her health to decline to leave the music scene and social media behind for over five years. However, she’s back in the game. Not only is she working towards being a music artist but she has designed multiple programs to inspire her community through arts education and entertainment.

Which includes 20 years of experience as a recording artist, background in ballet and modern dance, upcoming creative director and a degree in Radio & Broadcasting.

In her new music video, ‘Love’ it’s portrayed and brought to light many of the realities and struggles that our youth encounter daily. The film “Love” was also the inaugural production where the Honors Art program of ULE was brought to life.

We can be sure to expect more from Sureli in the feature. Be sure to check out her new music video, ‘Love’ below.