Love and Hip Hop Star Hazel E Makes A Diss Track Against The City Girls

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Writer: Brittany Richardson (Ig:Flossybee_)

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Today, Hazel E popped out of the woodworks yet again coming for the City Girls, she dropped a crazy diss track “Add It Up.” Not only did Hazel make comments about the Miami duo copying her, in the track she also mentions Yung Miami son and mother. “Copy my brand bitch y ’all just the teacher Caresha (Yung Miami) you gotta problem now you need a feature,” she later raps “Careers at a standstill the lights getting dark, now you got more time to take your son to the park, “ How much time does your mom have I’m curious?” After Hazel posted the song on her page, Joseline Herdandez who’s also a former Love and Hip Hop cast member made a comment “go off b*tch.” Yung Miami immediately took to Instagram in an uproar after hearing the track, she snapped on both Hazel and Joseline. Yung Miami posted, “on my son I will beat either one of you hoes to death just cause bitches throw drinks and pull hair on tv don’t do shit to me.” The three were going in on each other all day today.

Earlier this month Hazel E Baby accused the City Girls of stealing “Act Up” from her. Hazel believes their song sounds a lot like a track that she released in 2017 titled “Acting Up.” She also says, she dropped a mixtape titled “Girl Code” in 2012 and believes they stole that from her as well.