Jae Mansa Talks Their Legacy, Start in Music, ‘Young Kings’ Album, Today’s Hip-Hop + More

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Posted on November 22, 2018 at 2:46 pm

Hip-Hop newcomers Jae Mansa and North Carolina’s own is a breath of fresh air, if you’re considering today’s rap music. The duo, who are first cousins want to bring back lyricism back into the art form and try to stray away from the mumble rap that is being played on the radio everyday, all while conforming to some extent to appease their listeners. We sat down with the guys to discuss how they got their start in music, wanting to give back to their community, their stance on Hip-Hop right now and balancing quality content in their music and still creating catchy vibes. Their new album, ‘Young Kings’ is on the way.

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