Destiny’s Child: Reunion on the rise?

All eyes are on Beyoncé, Kelly, Michelle and yes Latavia and Letoya too! Several members of the grammy award winning super group, [both past and present] took to their social media accounts posting very questionable photos throughout this week that is once again sparking reunion rumors. Check out the photos below:

Beyonce, as usual. But we couldn’t help but notice the initials “DC”

Kelly Rowland performing a Destiny Child’s hit!

Could this be real, or could this be a reach? Would it be at all possible that each of them just had a heavy case of nostalgia or should we be preparing ourselves for a catastrophic, level five, reunion of all reunions?! Allegedly, Beyonce has been back and forth to California preparing for her 2018 Cochella Performance as recent instagram posts have suggested. So could this be a hint that Destiny’s Child may reunite in the same manner as before during Super Bowl XLVII? We have prayed for this long enough, all we can do is hope for the best!