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MusicXclusives, LLC

Leo Lysius is the founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief as well as visionary behind the brand which was launched as a platform to support up-and-coming talent, as well as those established in the music industry.


The management team is composed of the CEO & Editor-in-Chief and public relations department.


The team consists of a group of entry-level and experienced contributors driven by a commonality in music.   Our general list of freelancers include:  editor, public relations consultant, photographer, videographer, social media consultant, correspondents, etc.

All members have a true love for various genres of music along with the need to express their feelings and thoughts to an audience who shares their enthusiasm.



MusicXclusives, LLC

MusicXclusives, LLC (MX) is an online music media outlet founded in April 2010.  It serves as an additional resource to showcase upcoming as well as existing talent, and is used to promote and keep consumers, critics and entertainment executives up-to-date on musical artists.

Presenting intimate, multi-level perspectives of each individual, MX’s YouTube channel is the most visited platform.  In addition, MX utilizes other social media such as:  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  We also allow the opportunity to read reviews/blogs at musicxclusives.com.


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