Assistant Steals Over $250,000 From New Jersey Rap Star Fetty Wap

Big drama is happening for rapper, Fetty Wap.  Shawna Morgan, a former administrative assistant of RGF  Productions,  has been fired for reportedly stealing over  $250,000 from the New Jersey rapper.

According to TMZ, Fetty fired Shawna Morgan on Friday. It has been known that she was posing as his booking agent and manager to get extra money from Fetty’s shows.

In a recent press release from RGF Productions, they are saying that Morgan was not a licensed booking agent and that she falsely represented her self as a booking agent and charged fees for her services. RGf has also stated that:

Ms. Morgan repeatedly undermined the chain of command by withholding information to the decision makers within the firm.  Fraudulently misrepresenting herself as upper management, Ms. Morgan was able to acquire additional business for personal gain.

However, Shawna Morgan is claiming that Fetty is the one who owes her money, a quarter of a million dollars to be exact. Both Fetty and Shawna will be moving forward with legal action. We will keep you updated as this story unravels.

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