Lil Boosie Responds To Criticism Over Controversial Over Sex Post

Rapper Lil Boosie is responding back to everyone who made comments about son birthday post. Yesterday the rapper wrote a caption under his 14-year-old son picture.

“Happy gday @tootie_raww, love you son with all my heart Pops💯💯💯💯see u tomorrow 💯💯💯got a 💰bag for you n a bad bitch to give u some head 💯u already know how I do it Tootie Raww the mixtape dropping Oct.1st.”

The post drew a lot of attention on social media, especially on twitter.

Of course Lil Boosie said the post was just a joke. He told TMZ,

“I ain’t gon’ go get him some head, I ain’t gon’ bring him nobody to get him no head, but if he wanna get some head from a girl, he 14 years old, I’m cool with it.”

The rapper later said,

“Fucking is popular at 14-15 years old. That’s when they be in heat. But I’m not gonna just bring a girl to get him head. From what I know, he done got head before.”

Later on that day after the criticism was over, Boosie added a video of his son driving a Mercedes-Benz. Critics bashed him once again, this time because his underaged son appeared to be driving without a seatbelt.

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