Hip Hop Pays Remembrance to Comedy Legend Charlie Murphy

The death of comedy Legend Charlie Murphy took the world by storm. The Legendary comedian the was featured in The Chappelle Show, The Perfect Holiday, and Lottery Ticket has passed away in a New York hospital. According to TMZ, Charlie Murphy had been in a longtime battle with Leukemia. Unfortunately, he lost his battle at the age of 57. His legacy and influence in the comedy world as well as the hip hop world will live on forever. He surely will be missed.

Social-media reacted in disbelief and mourn. There were tweets from fans as well as celebrities but, the biggest toll was the amount of people in the hip hop world who was also affected by his death. Hip hop legends such as 50 cent, Nas, Ice Cube, DJ Premiere , and more sent prayers to the family.

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R.I.P to my man Charlie Murphy. We just worked together in POWER. GOD BLESS

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