Aug 2012 10

Friend to MX Steff Reed (aka Steff Nasty) released the artwork to “Say Goodbye,” a collaboration between him and City Haze.  The eerie picture of the girl crying dark-blue tears reminds me of one of my favorite shows: True Blood.  I’ve always been captivated with how the vampires cried dark-red blood, giving a painfully somber feel like, “wow, it hurts so bad and is so sad that you’re literally crying the pain out?”  Anywho, check out, @CityHaze and @WhoIsSteffReed continuously for more updates on this record.  The single drops the 21st of August 2012.

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  1. […] this month, I displayed the artwork for City Haze and Steff Reed‘s song “Say Goodbye.” Well, it was only right that I […]

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