May 2012 23

Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj have never gotten along, at least that’s what most of us thought.  The Queen B said in an interview on NYC’s Power 105 that she’s “Always been cool with her.”  The beef seems to come from miscommunication and business, mostly.  Lil Kim was talking to Slim, CEO of Cash Money, about changing her style up with these new dope ideas, so he put her in the studio in Miami.  They were friends for four years. As Kim was putting down her vocals, Nicki later came back doing her vocals the same as Kim’s.  Kim was also “going to do a dance record” (like how most of Nicki’s songs are now) “and one of them was going to be called ‘Automatic’.” Which she actually played for Slim three years ago!  ‘Automatic’ is the title of one Nicki pop songs off her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded which dropped in April of 2012.  So it sounds like Nicki is really bitin’ The Queen’s style! In more ways than just the multicolored wigs!  Kim also added that Nicki is “a very obnoxious person.”  Which makes sense considering her whole style from the voices, the hair, and the clothes that she’s known for.  When asked for Nicki’s side of the story she kind of answers indirectly.  It’s kind of hard to believe how passive she is if you listen to her verse on ‘Hello Good Morning’ with Dirty Money when she deliberately says “Did I kill the Queen?” Who else in Hip Hop, other than Latifah, is known as The Queen?  However, at the same time its nice to see that she tries to stay out of confrontation, Birdman also wanted to put the two femcees together on a record, but after it didn’t pop off like they hoped, they dropped it.

It can be common in Hip Hop, and most other genres of music, where artists take elements of their idols music and fuse it into their music.  However what makes this situation different than most in recent public memory is that the idol is feeling dissed rather than flattered and admired by a famous fan.  But it’ll be great for Hip Hop to see the two work together.  Maybe someday Roman and the Queen B might squash the beef and do some songs like Jay-Z and Nas did on ‘Black Republican’ and ‘Success’ after their historic battle.  Some of us fans got ‘No Time‘ for the two to come together, but when they do it will be a ‘Moment 4 Life.’

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