May 2012 15

You’ve waited long enough, and after a little delay, you can now download International Pop/soul artist MikeLyrik’s brand new single, “I Wanna Be In Love” on iTunes. The song, which was written by Jaron Hitz and produced by Jae Orch is already being spun by DJ’s in New York City and should be getting airplay via radio soon.

News Flash: MikeLyrik is currently overseas in Abu Dhabi touring until July 2012, but will return to the US to open up for Grammy award-winning artist Ashanti in Washington, DC on Fri, May 25th. For more info, check out



  1. Leslie says:

    Got it already :)

  2. Zakiyah says:

    I wanna be in love, definitely one of your best songs baby

  3. Bristol says:

    I love this song too much! Happy I will see Mikelyrik perform this weekend! Woooowh!

  4. Curtis says:

    Dopest indie pop soul type song out right now dude, thats why I had to download this sh#t. Do ya thing brah

  5. Leinza says:

    So sad I missed Mikelyrik in Germany, but next time come to Hamburg and we will have coffee and listen to I Wanna Be In Love! =)

  6. Alanna Jb says:

    Is Mikelyrik tall? He look tall in this pic.
    Anyway, its a good song, good enough I bought it so.. yea

  7. Jake says:

    Cool sounds dude, you keep finding your lane, you’re obviously on your way to the top brother!

  8. Props2Boot says:

    I’ll be at that Ashanti jumpoff for sure, I hope he kills it, I supported the song too, good stuff man.

  9. DJ says:

    Great music, as I say to Mikelyrik before, I play it many times now here at Hong Kong and ppl love!

  10. Jenna says:

    Congrats to you!

  11. Ahmedd says:

    I watch Mikelyrik at Deluxe show last night, he rocks more than any band before! I will put more footage on my youtube very soon! I Wanna Be in Love is big song! Very COOL!!

  12. Keishantay says:

    I love that pic. I listened to the song way too much since I got it off itunes already, I’m gonna need a new one like soon, better yet a album soon please

  13. Bridgett says:

    Keep it up Mike, I absolutely love the song!

  14. Mini says:

    I’m going to Chocolate City Pride this year, can’t believe Mikelyrik is opening for my girl Ashanti! I can’t wait to see!

  15. Leonardo says:

    I wanna be in Love is #1 in my book, well out of the indie artists in that genre right now. Smooth song, tight harmonies.

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