May 2012 10


Singer|Songwriter JC∆rtēr  is at it again, This time with a Leak off his up-coming [Mixtape|Album] JC∆rtēr V§. ¥oūng J. III. The song was written by JCarter and Produced by Hit-Makers ChrisNTeeb, who’ve worked w/ artist such as Olivia, Ciara, JLo, 50 Cent, & more. They’ve also scored music for TV shows on VH1 & MTv. The track has a Grown & Sexy vibe to it; with an R&B sound thats easy on the ears.. This is definitely a song for the ladies, and with 655 [Likes] on Facebook and 339 Plays on SoundCloud, this song is well on its way to becoming a hit.

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